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Suggestions - If your having a suggestions for the forum or in Gainkit.
Testimonial -  Share your experience in Gainkit, such us buying Dota 2, CSGO, PUBG Skins and items and even Steam Wallet, Steam Keys and Gift Cards. You can also share your youtube video here.(You can earn Gainkit Points from here)
Earning Technique - Share your techniques on how to earn faster. You can also share your video here. (You can earn Gainkit points from here)
Problems - Share your problems here, if your having a trouble in Gainkit or in our forum please make some thread.

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Another idea in making a title is that when you make a title you can indicate if its about gainkit or about to this forum, if about Gainkit then add [Gainkit] or if its about the forum then type [Forum], but adding this tag doesn't mean that you will not make a title. Let the tag first then your title. (eg. [Gainkit] How to claim my reward? or [Forum] How to change my forum name?)

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