If you're having a problem with the response of the Gainkit Support, "Blog can't be accepted" then here are the common reason:

1. Words doesn't reach the maximum numbers of words which is 250 and above, possible that your Blog has only 250 words below.
You can count the words by using Page Counter.
2. Blog doesn't have any pictures or a video in content.
3. The Blog is private.
4. Blog is not written by yours, or even the pictures are copied from another source.
5. Your blog doesn't include Gainkit, make sure to include Gainkit.
6. Your blog doesn't help anyone. Make sure that you create a blog to help other people not just to earn.
7. Your blog content is hanging, the content is does not have a full information, or it missing something.
8. Your blog title is so hard to far from the topic.
9. The blog that you sent from Gainkit Support is already owned by others.
10. You are creating a lot of blog, every IP has only 4 Blog limit. You can make blog but you won't be rewarded.

(Note: Everything that is written here are based on the experienced)