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Please be reminded that we are not affiliated or partner by the Official Gainkit website. The owner of this forum doesn't have any power in the Gainkit but we have a power here in this forum. Even if this website is not by them, we are still created this website to help the members of the Gainkit and for those who are not a member yet. This forum will help users and will give you some announcement and updates from Gainkit.

First go to registration, and fill up the form. (Your account doesn't need Admin's approval)
Make sure that you are entering a valid email, your password will be sent immediately to the email you provided, you are allowed to use email that is already registered. If you don't have email then please register one in Yahoo, Gmail or etc.
Open your email and copy your password then go to login and enter your username and password. If you can't find the email please check under spam. (You can find your password at email)
Then go to "Option" and change your password.
Then go to profile and change your password, enter the password that you copied from the email and change your password. Here is some guide in making password.

1. Make a password that is hard to guess but make sure that you can remember it.
2. Don't make your information as your password (eg. JohnSmith)
3. You can make a password that contains Capital letter, small letter and Symbols.
4. Don't share your password to anyone
Once your done changing your password, you can now start!

[Q] How if i didn't change my password?
If you didn't change your password, then you need to open your email every time you login and copy your password.